PRAC !!!

I went to my school that I will be going to for Prac on Wednesday and met my mentor and I must say I am SO relieved with my mentor and my classroom. I was feeling VERY nervous at the thought of WHO my mentor was going to be, but on meeting her, she seems absolutely lovely. She has admitted to not being IT literate at all and only uses ICT when she absolutely has to and if its in the C2C and she just has to click on a link or something easy like that but she has said she is keen to see how I integrate ICT into teaching (and so am I!!!). My mentor has said that we will be using the C2C (I am happy to finally be able to have a look at it as I¬†haven’t seen any of the C2C before!!!) so it will be interesting to see what it is all about.

My class is a nice and small prep class of only 20, yes that right, 20 children!!!! We have one gifted and talented child who is already reading at a PM benchmark level 18!!!! However, I am yet to find out what other wonderful children I will be working with as my mentor didn’t want to overwhelm me with too much information during my first visit.



It is FINALLY the holidays, WOOOO HOOO!!! However, I have SO much work I need to try to get through as I have 1 assignment due on Monday the 7th of October (the day before we begin prac) and then 2 due on Monday the 28th of October (the Monday after we finish prac), which I need to (try) to get done. One of the later ones due is my assignment for this subject to do with prac though, so this one will be getting done while I am on prac, but as for the other one, I wont have time while I am planning and teaching to get it done to the best of my ability, so that’s what these holidays will be for.

I hope everyone has had a chance to meet with their mentors and are as lucky as I feel to be very happy with who they are with and where they are going for this professional experience.

Enjoy your holidays guys and good luck to all with your assignments and prac!!!

Hayley!! ūüôā

Teacherless education?

Do you think that there will be teacherless education in the future?

I don’t believe there will be teacherless education and yet I also believe that in many ways there is already teacherless education occurring.

Children’s education begins from a very very young age, way before they come to school as they are being taught by their parents, family, friends, neighbourhood, culture etc. Take a look at Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model as it discusses the layers of influences on a child.

I also believe that without teachers there will be no reason for students to attend school and no one to keep them accountable for their attendance or whether they are actually learning. If the majority of parents are working, who makes sure they are completing their requirements and attending school? What about socio-cultural theory and how children learn through social interactions with others? Yes we can still interact via technology but what happens when they are placed in a situation where they need to speak to someone face to face? I think that there are many things that can change or improve but I just don’t think culling teachers altogether is something that will or should happen.



WOW!!! What an amazing youtube video A day made of glass is!!! It is simply amazing what technology can do and the way in which we are heading.¬† Like¬†the post¬†A day made of glass by NSJ003,¬†¬†I too believe the medical world could benefit enormously from this type of technology. I really enjoyed watching them slide information from one screen to another and was blown away with how the children in the classroom were learning via that type of technology. If this is¬†the direction in which¬†we are heading…….I sure need to get some more ICT understanding under my belt :O

IWB Discussion forum

I Have recently added my post to the IWB discussion forum. As I am an Early Childhood student I have only been to one Prac in a school context that had an IWB. I used the IWB a few times to show students the correct way to draw letters through an ABC program and they were able to get up and trace the letter on the IWB with their finger. I am hoping to meet with my mentor tomorrow so I will be asking whether she has an IWB in her classroom and which one it is.

I am hoping to have an IWB when I go on prac this time and am hoping to be able to use it a lot more and to get a lot more out of it!!

Know your Meme and Overexposed

We have been given links to a heap of different things online that show us what our students have access to and are using, and what sorts of things are ‚Äėtrending‚Äô at the moment.¬†¬†One of which is a¬†website you can go to called Know Your Meme, this site is¬†dedicated to documenting Internet phenomena: viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, web celebs and more.

Like the¬†I love a good¬†visual!¬†post,¬†I also enjoyed the video about what a potential employer may¬†know¬†about you after visiting your social media site (i.e.. Facebook).¬†This is something that could happen to you or me and we need to be aware of our “digital footprint” and what is being put out there. It is called Overexposed and you can watch it here:

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability

This week for my course I have been looking at Digital Citizenship and what it all means for teachers and students. We were introduced to the link to the Australian Curriculum for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability. The  capability involves students in learning to make the most of the digital technologies, adapting to new ways of doing things as
the technologies evolve and limiting the risks to themselves and others in a digital environment.

Cyber [Smart:]- Connect.ed

After reading through Connect.ed: Cycber safety and going through the 4 modules myself. One of the things I too was made aware of was the different and new terminology regarding the internet that I am unaware of like Aspen, such as phishing. Another thing I know I am not fully up to date with is cyber safety. My computer has security on it but its not something I do myself or even look after (not a good thing I know). I need to become more knowledgeable with the safety aspect of my personal computer so I can model and teach my students how to be safe when it comes to using computers themselves.

Like nsj003, I too enjoy reading other people’s blog posts and find that some of the links they have, interesting and good for a read. I really enjoyed reading¬†connect.ed¬†and hope too that my perspective about some ICT elements¬†will change when I am in the “real-world” of teaching. I found that I have learnt a fair bit while I was completing¬†assignment 2 for this subject as I had to source information and¬†ICT to integrate into a science unit. Hopefully this knowledge¬†can be useful when I am on my prac in a few weeks time.

How time flies…

I can’t believe that we are in week 8 already!!! The weeks are flying by and before we know it we will all be on professional experience!!!!!!! Like nsj003, I too was happy when I saw week 7’s learning path was only to be completed if we had finished assignment 2 and now that I have completed that, I best get into last weeks learning path so I can begin this weeks as well. I also need to figure out my prac placement so will be looking into that this week too.