PRAC !!!

I went to my school that I will be going to for Prac on Wednesday and met my mentor and I must say I am SO relieved with my mentor and my classroom. I was feeling VERY nervous at the thought of WHO my mentor was going to be, but on meeting her, she seems absolutely lovely. She has admitted to not being IT literate at all and only uses ICT when she absolutely has to and if its in the C2C and she just has to click on a link or something easy like that but she has said she is keen to see how I integrate ICT into teaching (and so am I!!!). My mentor has said that we will be using the C2C (I am happy to finally be able to have a look at it as I haven’t seen any of the C2C before!!!) so it will be interesting to see what it is all about.

My class is a nice and small prep class of only 20, yes that right, 20 children!!!! We have one gifted and talented child who is already reading at a PM benchmark level 18!!!! However, I am yet to find out what other wonderful children I will be working with as my mentor didn’t want to overwhelm me with too much information during my first visit.


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